• Name: MJ6125 Precison Panel Saw
  • No.: cp55
  • Views : 57

Specification MJ6125
1.1Circular saw
Saw blade dia ф305mm
Aibor diameter ф30mm
Blade speed 3500r/min
Shaft stop time ≤9sec
Max.cut height(with guard)
At vertical position 90mm
At 45° position 45mm
Max.cross cut width 2800mm
Suction collector ф100mm
Up hood suction collector ф40mm
Motor power 2.2Kw380V50Hz
Shaft diameter ф30mm
Max. shaft protrusion height from table 115mm
Shaft stop time ≤9sec
Useful shaft working length 85mm
Tool retractable to table under side Max. ф140mm
Max. height of retractable tool 40mm
Spindle rotation speed 1750r/min or 3500 r/min or 6700r/min
Use vertical milling guide hood
Cutter rotate Max. diameter ф180mm
Suction pipe diameter ф100mm
Use shaping hood
Cutter rotate Max. diameter ф140mm
Suction pipe diameter ф100mm
Motor power 2.2KW 380V 50Hz
Square table size 520×1080mm
Blade specification MVF-120-24(ф22mm)
Rotate speed 7000r/min
1.4 The others
Machine weight 498kg
Overall dimension 2817×2610×1187mm