• Name: MX5110F Vertical Single-spindle milling Machine
  • No.: at10
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Specification MX5110F MX5113F MX5117F
The max.cutting height 4200/5200r/min 4000/6000r/8000/min 4000/6000r/8000/min
The min.profile radius 30mm 30mm 30mm
The knife shaft diameter 100mm 130mm 170mm
Spindle speed 0-75mm 0-100mm 0-10mm
Table size 2.2kw380v 4kw380v 4kw380v
Motor power 700*700mm 800*1000mm 800*1000mm
Overall dimension 700*700*990mm 800*1000*990mm 800*1000*990mm
Weight 168kg 286kg 286kg